Question: Are Silas And Stefan Related?

Is Stefan really Silas doppelganger?

There are only two doppelgänger “lines” that rippled throughout history, colloquially known as the Salvatore and Petrova doppelgängers.

Stefan Salvatore and Tom Avery are Silas’ doppelgängers while Tatia, Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert are Amara’s..

Who killed Silas?

StefanStefan fatally stabs Silas and then Amara turns the knife on herself to join her one true love. It’s all very “Romeo and Juliet.” Damon arrives on the scene moments later, terrified that Amara died before Bonnie could be resurrected.

How do you kill a doppelganger?

The following tactics are effective or helpful in defeating the doppelganger: Punish the doppleganger for attacking. Hexes, enchantments, stances, and weapon skills that do damage to your opponent when it attacks can be useful if you use them and then do not attack yourself. Use ranged weapon attacks at melee range.

Is Silas a vampire?

Technically Silas is a vampire, he needs blood to survive and he dessicated in a tomb for 2,000 years. … They refer to Silas as the first Immortal, neglecting the fact that he may be just the real Original vampire with all the benefits and none of the weaknesses.

Does Damon Salvatore have a doppelganger?

2 Stefan Salvatore Stefan and his brother Damon Salvatore died in 1864. Like the Mikaelsons before them, they both fell in love with a Petrova doppelganger, this time known as Katherine Pierce. Stefan was the first to turn and convinced his brother to join him, but Damon resented him for it.

Are doppelgangers real?

Unlike most folkloric figures, a version of doppelgangers actually exists, but the real thing is a little less sinister than the legendary variety. … But the fact remains that doppelgangers, mythological or otherwise, are inherently unsettling.

Is Silas dead?

During the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries (Season 5, Episode 6: “Handle With Care”), Amara seemingly killed Silas when she stabbed his neck and drained his blood in order to take the cure, but as we know, no one is really ever dead on TVD.

Why is Stefan Silas doppelganger?

Silas also tells Stefan that he created the immortality spell over 2,000 years ago which caused him to never die so nature needed to create something that can. Silas revealed his true form to Stefan as his doppelgänger.

Is Silas a Salvatore?

Silas was the oldest known member and a very distant ancestor of the Salvatore Family and the progenitor of the Salvatore Doppelgänger bloodline.

What episode does Stefan kill Silas?

Handle with CareHandle with Care (The Vampire Diaries)”Handle with Care”The Vampire Diaries episodeEpisode no.Season 5 Episode 6Directed byJeffrey HuntWritten byCaroline Dries Holly Brix8 more rows

Why did Silas want the cure?

Silas wants the cure to cure himself. He uses the ability to create illusions (the source of this ability is unknown, as he can supposedly no longer perform magic) to take the form of Shane as he left his tomb. He took Bonnie with him, healing her and pretending to be Shane to earn her trust.

How many doppelgangers does Elena?

three doppelgangersElena and her three doppelgangers.

Did Elijah really kill Tatia?

Tatia was killed by Elijah but Esther took the blame to save her son the pain of knowing what he had done. However, Esther later used this information against Elijah to guilt him into rejoining their family. Elijah and Klaus both hated Esther because they thought she killed Tatia.

Is Elena a Petrova?

Elena Gilbert (4th Petrova Doppelganger): Elena was born on June 22, 1992, in Mystic Falls, Virginia. She is the biological daughter of John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, and is therefore a descendant of Katherine Pierce, to whom she bears a striking physical resemblance.

Is Silas more powerful than Klaus?

Klaus is far more powerful than Silas because he’s physically the second most powerful thing walking the planet (behind the Beast of the prophecy). Silas wasn’t even as strong as a vampire, he’s barely stronger than a human.

Is it true that we have 7 look alikes?

They found that there’s about a one in 135 chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exist somewhere in the world. … But the likelihood of someone walking around looking identical to you, specifically, in all eight facial features is only one in 1 trillion.

How is Silas the first vampire?

Silas is NOT a vampire. Silas was a wicth/warlock (in a group called Travelers- of which Qetsiyah too was a part). … Wanting to spend an eternity with Amara, he tricks Qetsiyah into making him an immortality elixir (which she does) and is ingested by Silas and Amara, making them the First Immortals.

Who is Tatia Petrova?

Tatia Petrova is a Petrova doppelgänger and the same person whose blood was used by Esther to turn The Original Family into vampires. Tatia was the first love of Klaus and Elijah as well as the childhood friend of Sophia.