Question: Are The Horses Real In The Lloyds Advert?

Where are the horses from in the Lloyds Bank advert?

British Lloyds Bank filmed their latest campaign Running of the Horses on the shores of New Zealand’s striking South Island..

Who is the man on the Lloyds Bank Advert 2020?

Marcus SöderlundMarcus Söderlund Embarks on an ‘Epic Journey’ for Lloyds Bank. Lloyds Bank launches its latest brand campaign with an epic 60-second TV commercial featuring the familiar black horse. The campaign will be supported in VOD, OOH, DOOH and Cinema.

How was the Lloyds Bank advert filmed?

The advert was produced by Academy Films and creative communications agency Adam&EveDDB and shot on location with the two equine stars. We see them cross different terrains from forest to wide open plain and up mountains and through water.

What is the music on the TSB advert?

Anne Dudley’s Humonics – Henry’s Theme (TSB advert music)

What breed are the horses in the Lloyds Bank advert?

TrakehnerDownlands Cancara (1 May 1975 – June 2006) was an English graded Trakehner stallion famous for representing Lloyds Bank as the Black Horse in a long-running series of television adverts.

What is the Lloyds advert song?

Great song by Arron Wright – Look After You Used in the Lloyds TSB Bank 2019 Advert I do not own this song.

What is the toughest horse breed?

Turkoman horseThe Turkoman horse was noted for its endurance. It had a slender body, similar to a greyhound. Although refined in appearance, the breed was actually one of the toughest in the world. They had a straight profile, long neck, and sloping shoulders.

Who owns the Black Horse in the Lloyds advert?

Susan AttewSusan Attew, of Holme Park Stud, is the proud owner of the chosen horse, and said: “We’re thrilled that our stallion, Holme Grove Prokofiev, is the new face of Lloyds Bank.

Why do Lloyds use a black horse?

In a statement, Catherine Kehoe, managing director group brands and marketing at Lloyds Bank, said: “We wanted to acknowledge our 250th anniversary with a campaign that dramatises the role Lloyds Bank has played in its customers’ and communities’ lives through the years, our iconic symbol — the black horse is the …