Question: Can I Load Cignal Using Coins PH?

How load cignal through Philippine coins?

How to Load Cignal Prepaid Online using Coins.phStep 1: Download the Wallet app on Google Play or the App Store.

Step 2: Add funds to your Wallet by making a cash in.Step 3: Once you have enough funds, tap on Pay Bills.More items…•.

Can I buy load wallet using coins PH?

You can buy load online through the web wallet or the Android and iOS apps. Step 3: Enter the amount you’d like to load, or choose from the denominations below. You can also buy load promos by tapping the Combo, Data, and Text tabs.

How can I reload my cignal account?

For SMART/SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card number> to 5353….Cignal Reload Cards and E-PinsInput your Prepaid Account Number on the first box.Input the PIN from your Cignal Reload Card or the e-Pin provided.Input the text from the image.Click submit and wait for the confirmation message to pop-up.

Can I load cignal using GCash?

How do I top-up my Cignal Account? Log-On to the GCash App. Select Buy Load. … Just text CIGNAL For both commands, send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers.

How can I know my cignal PIN code?

Cignal TV on Twitter: “@rookiepv20 Press “OK” on your Cignal Remote Control, Select “Settings”, Enter PIN number (“0000”, “9998” or “9999”),”

Where can I find my cignal pin?

How do I find out my smart card serial number?Gently pull-out the smart card from the Cignal Box.Flip card to locate the smart card number on the backside of card. … For Smart/TNT or Sun subscribers, text: CIGNALSC<12-digit smart card no.>.Send message to 5353.More items…