Question: How Do I Restrict Someone On Instagram?

How do you block someone from seeing your posts on Instagram without blocking them?

You can hide from seeing their content on your Instagram feed and stories also.

If you want to mute someone then you must need to go to their profile and click on the three horizontal dots.

After clicking on the dots, you’ll see an option of mute.

You can mute that person..

How do I restrict people on Instagram?

To restrict or unrestrict someone through your settings:Go to your profile and tap .Tap Settings and then tap Privacy.Below Connections, tap Restricted Accounts.Tap Continue.Search for the account you’d like to restrict and tap Restrict next to their username, or tap Unrestrict to unrestrict someone.

What happens if I restrict someone on Instagram?

If you restrict someone: They won’t be able to see when you’re online or if you’ve read their messages. Their new comments on your posts will only be visible to that person, and you can choose to see the comment by tapping See Comment.

What is restrict on Instagram?

Instagram is rolling out a new mode called “Restrict” that will let account owners effectively shadow ban a user who comments on photos with offensive or abusive language. … Any attempt to send a direct message will move to a message request, according to Instagram, and notifications won’t be sent.

Can I hide my post from someone on Instagram?

While there’s not currently a way to hide your posts from certain followers, there are settings you can change to hide your story from certain followers, help limit the posts you see, and control whether just friends or the public can see the posts you make.

How do you know if someone has muted you on Instagram?

There’s no surefire way to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram, since you won’t be notified when they do. When you mute someone on Instagram, you’ll still be following them, but you won’t see their posts or stories in your feed.

Will someone know if I restrict them on Instagram?

Swipe left over the comment to see a “restrict” option. The person you restrict will seemingly not receive a notification they’ve been silenced. Instead, they’ll be able to continue posting their nasty comments to an audience of only themselves.