Question: Is MetroPCS Slower Than T Mobile?

Why is MetroPCS cheaper than T Mobile?

In short – the answer to “Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile” is their customer service is designed to be inept.

Going from a $25/month cell phone plan to $30 per month cell phone plan it’s not much of a price difference but I figured I wouldn’t be able to get a refund for the unused days..

Can you switch from MetroPCS to T Mobile?

Simple. End your service with Metro and set up service at T-Mobile. Same company. Bring your phone into a T-Mobile location, establish service (it’ll take about 20 mins total), have them transfer your number, they’ll run a simple credit check, activate a new SIM card, and install it in your phone.

Why did T Mobile buy Metro PCS?

Yesterday, Deutsche Telekom announced it had agree to buy MetroPCS and combine it with T-Mobile USA. … And now Deutsche Telekom is on the hunt for more wireless spectrum to help T-Mobile compete against its rivals. The deal with MetroPCS is meant to give T-Mobile more of this valuable asset.

Should I switch to T Mobile from Verizon?

T-Mobile offers cheaper unlimited plans than Verizon at every tier of service. If you’re looking for a non-unlimited data plan, then Verizon is actually better (we would also recommend these plans). … Speed lovers: Pick T-Mobile. T-Mobile currently offers faster download and upload speeds than Verizon.

What do I get if I switch to T Mobile?

Yes! If you’re a Verizon or AT&T customer, switch to T-Mobile and we’ll pay off your remaining device payments and/or service contracts with your previous carrier, up to $650 per line via trade-in credit and virtual prepaid card when you trade in your phone for a new one.

Is MetroPCS as good as tmobile?

Performance: Metro runs on T-Mobile’s network, so you can expect great speeds and good coverage—although rural areas may have signal issues. … Overall: Metro is a competitive choice for prepaid phone plans in particular.

Why does it say T Mobile instead of MetroPCS?

Now T-Mobile (TMUS) wants to make big changes. Starting in October, MetroPCS will be renamed “Metro by T-Mobile” and will add enhanced unlimited data plans in an effort to appeal to a broader customer audience. New advertising will emphasize that its service runs on the same wireless network as T-Mobile.

Is MetroPCS part of T Mobile now?

MetroPCS is now Metro by T-Mobile, new unlimited plans include Google One. … T-Mobile, one of the most disruptive wireless carriers in the U.S., is completely refreshing its pre-paid subbrand MetroPCS with a new look, name, and more feature-rich plans. Starting next month, MetroPCS will be rebranded as Metro by T-Mobile.

Does MetroPCS Finance T mobile phones?

Metro by T-Mobile Financing Policy Metro by T-Mobile, a prepaid wireless service, offers finance options for new phones at some store locations, according to customer service. Metro by T-Mobile stores with financing do so through SmartPay, a third-party lender.

What is the difference between Metro by T Mobile and T Mobile?

MetroPCS is a prepaid service owned by T-Mobile; it also uses T-Mobile’s fast-performing cellular network. MetroPCS offers a wider variety of plans than T-Mobile’s lone unlimited plan, and each of those MetroPCS options will cost you less than what you’d pay at the Uncarrier.

Which phone carrier is cheapest?

Hands down the best service, lowest cost provider is Tello. I have unlimited talk time, unlimited text and 1 GB of fast data. I pay only $10.00 a month and brought my own phone over.

Is Sprint better than MetroPCS?

When it comes to Sprint vs. MetroPCS (which is basically T-Mobile), the answer to the question of who provides what becomes readily apparent. With T-Mobile, the data plans are more expensive, but you get much faster data speeds. With Sprint, you get extremely cheap pricing, better than MetroPCS.

Who owns MetroPCS now?

T-Mobile USMetro by T-Mobile/Parent organizations

Is Tmobile faster than Metro?

In some areas, T-Mobile even has better speeds and reliability than Verizon and AT&T. … Although they use the same network, T-Mobile prioritizes its own customers over Metro.So Metro customers may experience slower speeds, particularly during periods of network congestion.

Does MetroPCS have tmobile Tuesday?

T-Mobile on Twitter: “Sorry, David…MetroPCS customers are not eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays.

How much does it cost to switch to MetroPCS?

Metro PCS does not charge activation fee. If you are a current MetroPCS subscriber and are switching to a different phone they will charge you a $15 fee in store for an ESN change. You can avoid this charge by doing the ESN change yourself on their website.

Is Amazon Prime free with MetroPCS?

MetroPCS is now Metro by T-Mobile and includes Amazon Prime Best of all, customers will also get the choice of two new unlimited data plans that include Amazon Prime and Google One.

Can I switch from MetroPCS to T Mobile and keep my number?

Give us a call at 1-800-937-8997, and let us know that you’re ready to make the switch! For Prepaid, call 1-877-778-2106. Go to a store: You can also go into one of our stores and get some face-time with one of our Mobile Experts. … Now you can start the transition to your new T-Mobile account.