Question: Is There A Difference Between Crepe Myrtle Trees And Bushes?

Can you plant crepe myrtles close to the house?

As a general rule of thumb, plant crape myrtles of this mature size a minimum of 8 to 10 feet from a building wall, and farther if you can.

This spacing gives the plant room to expand to its full size.

It will naturally tend to grow away from the wall and toward the light..

Where do crepe myrtles grow best?

Climate: Crape myrtles can be grown in hardiness zones 6-10, although in zone 6 they’re likely to die back to the ground in winter. Water: Crape myrtles like humid climates. Once established, they can tolerate quite a bit of drought. Light: Crape myrtles flower best in full sun (at least six hours per day).

What is the reddest crape myrtle?

The reddest blooms you can get on a Crape Myrtle! The bright red blooms on this smaller growing crape myrtle tree are in huge clusters. From the wonderfully smooth bark to the dark green foliage and then onto the orange-red fall color, the Dynamite Crape Myrtle is an amazing summer to fall show off!

What can I plant under my crepe myrtle?

For example, geranium, coreopsis (Coreopsis auriculata) and African lily (Agapanthus africanus) will all grow well as ground covers underneath the crape myrtle.

What is the lifespan of a crepe myrtle tree?

50 yearsA crepe myrtle lifespan can exceed 50 years. So that’s the answer to the question “how long do crepe myrtle trees live?” They can live a good, long time with suitable care.

How far do you cut back crepe myrtles?

To properly prune a mature crepe myrtle, you need three tools:Hand pruners to clip twigs and branches less than 1/2-inch thick.Loppers to cut branches 1/2-inch to 1-1/2 inches thick.Pole pruners or a pruning saw to cut branches more than 1-1/2 inches thick.

How do you reduce the height of a crepe myrtle?

Restore overgrown crepe myrtles gradually by pruning over a three-year period so the tree continues to bloom. Remove deadwood before the spring starts and cut the top of the tree 2 feet below the height you want the blooms to be that year. Repeating this process can bring a largely overgrown crepe myrtle under control.

Should I deadhead crape myrtle?

Many varieties of crape myrtles can be encouraged to bloom a second time, but timing is important. Deadheading crape myrtles (removing dead or dying flowers) encourages new sprouts and blooms, but if you deadhead too late in the season, the tender new growth that is produced can be damaged by cold weather.

Are crape myrtle trees invasive?

Some experts list crepe myrtles as potentially invasive plants, but the invasiveness of crepe myrtle has nothing to do with the crepe myrtle tree roots. Rather, the tree reproduces so readily from its seeds that, once the seeds escape cultivation, the resulting trees can crowd out native plants in the wild.

Which crape myrtle is the best?

Muskogee Crape MyrtleThe Muskogee Crape Myrtle is the ideal choice if you want a large tree. It can reach 20 to 30 feet in height and is covered all summer with beautiful blossoms in a perfect shade of lilac. It has excellent mildew resistance and outstanding bark color, with shades of grey and soft orange predominating.

What happens if you don’t prune a crepe myrtle?

Many varieties have beautiful bark and growth habits that can be enjoyed all year if trees are not heavily pruned. This unsightly, ugly pruning known as crape murder is not recommended. Once it’s done, it ruins the tree’s graceful natural shape for the rest of its life.

What is the fastest growing crape myrtle?

Basham’s Party PinkBasham’s Party Pink is one of our favorite Crapes. It is the fastest growing crape myrtle available, growing 8′ per year! It is a very full, upright tree that grows to 30′. It’s flowers can best be described as a delicate pale pink.

Do crepe myrtles need full sun?

To help your crape myrtle look its very best… Crape myrtle needs full sun (6 or more hours per day) to thrive.

What is a crepe myrtle bush?

The common crapemyrtle is a deciduous, small to medium sized shrub or small tree with a variable, moderately dense habit, often multi-stemmed form. The showy pink flowers have wrinkled petals like crepe paper. … During the growing season, new growth can be pinched to increase flower number and branchiness.

Do birds eat crepe myrtle berries?

Many different birds enjoy these Euonymus berries, and we enjoy its scarlet leaves. … Crepe Myrtle flowers attract hummingbirds, as well as insects which hummingbirds and other birds eat. Many different birds eat the seeds which remain available all winter. Birds use Crepe Myrtles for shelter and nesting.

What month do you prune crepe myrtle trees?

Crape myrtles should be pruned during the winter. Many people prune in late winter, from late February into early March. The important thing to remember is to prune crape myrtles right before new growth begins in the spring.

How tall do crepe myrtle trees get?

Not only do they differ in bloom and leaf color, but also in mature size. Dwarf varieties only grow to a height of 4 feet or less. Semi-Dwarf varieties grow 4 to 8 feet tall. Large or Tree Crapemyrtle reaches a height of 10 to 20 feet.

Is crepe myrtle a good shade tree?

Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) Crape myrtles are wildly popular in the South for good reason. They bloom in the summer, when there are few other trees and shrubs providing that service. The larger varieties grow rather quickly, providing a bit of shade in addition to the seasonal color.