Question: What Are The Fields For Biology Students?

What are the highest paying biology jobs?

Highest paying biologyHealth communications specialist.

National Average Salary: $57,530 per year.


National Average Salary: $64,925 per year.

Pharmaceutical sales representative.

National Average Salary: $65,543 per year.

Respiratory therapist.

Environmental scientist.

Registered nurse.

Physical therapist assistant.

Genetic counselor.More items…•.

What are the best courses in medical field?

Some of the Most popular Medical Courses after class 12th Science are: Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery. Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Bachelor of Pharmacy. Allied Health Sciences & Paramedical. B.Sc & GNM Nursing. Ayurveda & Homeopathy.

What are the fields in biology?

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes. Biology encompasses diverse fields, including botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology.

Which BSC course is best for biology students?

Popular BSc Courses after Class 12thName of the courseMajor SubjectsB.Sc. BiotechnologyCell Biology Genetics Bioenergetics and Biomembranes Molecular Biology Industrial Biotechnology Plant BiotechnologyB.Sc. (Hons.) ChemistryInorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry8 more rows•Jul 23, 2020

What is the best career option in biology?

Read this list of 10 common career choices for biology majors—plus, a description of the skills you’ll gain during your studies.Biological Technician. … Biochemist. … Genetic Counselor. … Health Communications Specialist. … Health Educator. … Pharmaceutical / Medical Product Sales Representative.More items…

Which BSc course has highest salary?

POPULAR INSTITUTIONS YOU SHOULD EXPLORE THIS YEARCourseJobsSalary OfferedBSc (Forestry)Plant BiochemistFreshers – Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 With Experience – Rs 3.4 Lakh to Rs 7.5 Lakh per annumResearcherBSc (Medical Technology)Medical TechnologistRs 1.17-5.32 lakh per annumLab Technician122 more rows•Apr 8, 2020

Which course is best for future?

These best 10 college majors for the future hold promising career paths for students of today.Pharmacology.Aeronautics and Aviation Technology. … Physical Therapy. … Nursing. … Construction Management. … Electrical Engineering. … Medical Technology. … Medical Assistance. … More items…

What can I do after 12th maths biology?

Courses after 12th with PCBMBBS. 5.5 years.BHMS (Homeopathy) 5.5 years.BAMS (Ayurvedic) 5.5 years.BUMS (Unani Medicine) 4.5 years.BDS (Dental Surgery) 4 years.BPT (Physiotherapy) 4.5 years.B.VSc and AH (Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry) 5 years.B.Sc. Nursing. 4 years.More items…

Can a biology student become a software engineer?

If you are asking about joining a CS program, the answer is yes. If you are asking if you would be hired as a software engineer with a lonely biology degree, the answer is no. Nevertheless, a solid combination of the two disciplines can make you a very desirable candidate.

What are the options for biology students?

Careers you could pursue with a biology degree include:Research scientist.Pharmacologist.Biologist.Ecologist.Nature conservation officer.Biotechnologist.Forensic scientist.Government agency roles.More items…•

What is the best course for biology students?

Physics,Chemistry,Biology CoursesMBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. … BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathy medicine and Surgery.BAMS Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine Surgery. … BUMS Bachelor of Unani medicine and Surgery.BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery.B Sc Naturopathy.B.Sc and AH- Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences.More items…

Which field is best in biology?

Top 50 Fields Of Biology You Can Make Your Career InTaxonomyEcologyFood SafetyCytologyMarine BiologyStructural BiologyBiochemistryMicrobiologyTheoretical BiologyBiophysicsMolecular BiologyVirologyBiotechnologyMycologyZoology11 more rows•Nov 29, 2019