Question: What Does It Mean If A Person Is Shady?

What does a heartless person mean?


Use heartless in a sentence.


The definition of heartless is showing a lack of empathy or compassion.

When you walk by a starving person without feeling bad or giving him any food, this is an example of when you might be described asheartless..

What is another word for shady?

What is another word for shady?suspiciousdubiousquestionablesuspectfishyunethicalunscrupulousdeviousdishonestdisreputable205 more rows

What do you call someone who is not loyal?

traitor. noun. informal someone who is not loyal to their friends, family, or employer.

Is Shady a bad word?

“Shady” used to be a derogatory term used to describe black neighborhoods, the same way that “haunts” has a pejorative connotation to it compared to “hangouts.” You see it in newspapers from the turn of the 20th century all the time.

What is a sketchy person?

(Canada, US, slang) Of questionable or doubtful quality. … (Canada, US, slang, of a person) Suspected of taking part in illicit or dishonorable dealings. Because he is so sketchy, I always think that he is up to something.

Whats the opposite of shady?

“a shady operation” Antonyms: unshaded, trustworthy, reputable, unquestionable, trusty. Synonyms: fishy, fly-by-night, funny, shadowy, suspicious, umbrageous, suspect, louche, shadowed.

Is Sketchy a bad word?

Even now people use the term in many different situations, however, the term almost always contains a negative feeling one has towards something or someone they would describe as risky, scary, or uninviting. People use the term “sketchy” to show their feelings of concern.

What is a dubious person?

Dubious can be used to indicate uncertainty about the result of an action or the truth of a statement as well as about the uncertainty of a person and his or her character. In either case, it usually implies a feeling of doubt from suspicion, mistrust, or hesitation.

What is sketchy behavior?

Sketchy Behaviour is an absurd sketch comedy show filmed live in Mumbai. Described as hilarious, complex, stupid, irritating(and ‘sardonic’ by one lady in Goa) the show is familiar, bizarre and hysterically funny.

Is being heartless a good thing?

There is no shame in being heartless. Rather it is being practical when your heart wants you to act stupid. So, yes, it is good to be heartless too. Being a nice kind hearted person has only gotten my heart broken and used by people.

How do you deal with a heartless person?

Below are the things that you can do:Find Out His True Nature. … Get to Know His Habit. … Get to Know His Hobby. … Avoid Approaching Him through Instant Messages or Social Medias. … Avoid Being Too Active. … Try to Always Say Hi to Him. … Act Mysterious. … Don’t Try to be Cold Hearted Too.More items…