Question: What Happens When You Accept A Conditional Offer?

What happens when you get a conditional offer?

Conditional offers It means the university has accepted you on to its course, subject to you meeting the entry requirements of the offer.

This usually means you’ll need to obtain certain grades in your current studies or achieve a minimum number of Ucas points..

What happens if you accept an unconditional offer?

Some universities and colleges make unconditional offers based on an interview/audition, admissions test or predicted grades. … It means that if you select them as your firm choice, you will definitely be accepted on to the course, regardless of what grades you get in the summer.

What happens if you accept a university offer and then change your mind?

If you change your mind after you accept an offer, you may have to withdraw your application and will not be able to use Clearing to look for another course.

What happens if you don’t get the grades for a conditional offer?

What happens if I don’t make the right grades? If you hold a conditional offer but don’t get the grades to meet it, the university can still accept you – but it’s at their discretion. They could also offer you a place on a different course. If no decisions are showing on Track, call the institutions.

Can I accept two conditional offers?

You can accept a maximum of two choices – one firm and one insurance. You can only have an insurance choice if your firm choice is a conditional offer. If you accept an unconditional offer as your firm choice then the place is guaranteed, so you cannot have an insurance choice. 4.

Can I withdraw from a conditional job offer?

An employer can withdraw a job offer if the conditions of the offer are not met. … You can ask an employer why they have withdrawn a conditional job offer.