Question: Where Do You Find The Model Number On A Washing Machine?

Where is the model number on a Hoover washing machine?

Model information is displayed on the product’s “DATAPLATE” label on the bottom or backside of the unit..

How do I check if my washing machine has been recalled?

Consumers can check if their washing machine is affected by visiting Whirlpool’s recall website. This site includes an online model checker tool, as well as a full list of model numbers.

Where is the serial number on my candy washer?

Open the door of your product, the rating plate sticker should be visible on the top of the porthole. The information usually required by our customer service team are the model number which is 8 digits long (beginning with a 3), and the serial number which is 16 digits long.

How do you read appliance model numbers?

How to Interpret a GE Appliance Model NumberLocate the serial number on your appliance.Identify the month the appliance was manufactured. The month is the first letter of the serial number: A=January; D=February; F=March; G=April; H=May; L=June; M=July; R=August; S=September; T=October; V=November; Z=December.Identify the year the appliance was made.

What do appliance model numbers mean?

When the model is manufactured, these extra letters/numbers are placed on the appliance rating plate and product registration card. These letters/numbers are used to identify manufacturing specific data when the appliance is made.

Where is the model number located?

The model number for Android devices can always be found by opening the Settings App and selecting the About Device option usually located at the end of the menu.

What model washing machines are being recalled?

Hotpoint and Indesit machines built between 2014 and 2018 are affected, leading consumers to be warned about their safety. Owners of such machines were told to contact Whirlpool directly ahead of the recall and to not use them in the meantime, leaving many unable to wash clothes.

How old is my appliance by model number?

To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not model number) to find date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made. Where is my model and serial number located?

What’s wrong with my Hoover washing machine?

Hoover washing machine e03 means that your washing machine has a draining issue. … The problems that prevent drainage include blockages in the drain filter or the drain pump. The pump may also be defective. Restrictions in the pressure chamber and faulty pressure switches can also be culprits.

What is the difference between part number and model number?

A model number differentiates between a manufacturer’s appliance models within the same category. Each brand has different designs that are separated by differing model numbers. A part number is found on some individual parts within an appliance and distinguishes that specific part.

Is serial number unique?

It is a unique number inserted in phone by the manufacturers. Every phone on earth has a different IMEI. Though with rooting your phone you can spoof it.

Where is the model number on a Hotpoint washing machine?

For Hotpoint washing machines, the model number should be found on the inside of the door.

Is serial number same as model number?

The serial number is a string of numbers and letters (usually following “S/N”) located on the back, side, or bottom of your TV. The model number is usually listed in the same place, following “model number” or “model code.”

What are model numbers?

Sometimes abbreviated as model or model no., a model number is a unique number given to each product made by computer hardware manufacturers. Model numbers allow manufacturers to keep track of each hardware device and identify or replace the proper part when needed.

How do I find my serial number?

The Serial Number can be found using the following steps:Tap Settings (System settings) > System (All settings) > System > About tablet.Tap Status to view the Serial Number for the tablet.

Where can I find the serial number on my Indesit washing machine?

Indesit washing machine rating plates can be found when opening the door, usually on the door itself as you can see below. The rating plate may also be on the body of the machine for other models.