Question: Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Thailand For Couples?

Top 10 Most Popular Destinations in ThailandAyutthaya.Phuket Patong Beach.Krabi.Koh Samui.Koh Phangan.Koh Tao.Kanchanaburi.Pattaya.More items….

What is the best holiday resort in Thailand?

The 10 Best Resorts in Thailand Check out our pick of great resorts in ThailandSea Seeker Krabi Resort. … Whalecome Aonang Resort. … Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa. … Good Times Resort. … Mandarava Resort and Spa, Karon Beach. … Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa. … Moracea by Khao Lak Resort. … Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa.More items…

Which is better Phuket or Pattaya?

While Phuket offers a more rejuvenating and peaceful experience, Pattaya is a rather loud destination with a constant, frenzied party atmosphere. While Phuket is best suited for families, kids and couples, Pattaya is for the adventure freaks, adrenaline junkies and the spoiled part of the population.

Is Krabi or Bali better?

Depends on what you are looking for in a destination… Bali has unsurpassed cultural sights/temples/ricefields/many hotels/tons of shopping/some ok beaches. Krabi has access to islands with manily beaches and little cultural aspects.

Where should I stay on a beach holiday in Thailand?

Thailand’s top 10 beach hotels and places to stay on a budgetRelax Bay, Koh Lanta. Relax Bay, Koh Lanta, Thailand. … Bamboo Bungalows, Koh Phayam. Bamboo Bungalows, Koh Phayam. … Koh Yao Noi community homestay programme. Photograph: Alamy. … Nimmanoradee Resort, Koh Samet. … Sun Beach Guesthouse, Prachuap Khiri Khan. … The Mangrove, Koh Chang. … Kantary Beach, Khao Lak. … OonLee Bungalows, Koh Jum.More items…•

Whats cheaper Bali or Thailand?

Thailand has got the Thai Baht and Bali the Indonesian Rupiah as the local currency, and both destinations are cheap. Prices for food and accommodation are similar in the main tourist destinations of Thailand and Bali. When going off-the-beaten-track somewhat, Thailand might be a little cheaper than Bali.

Is Bali better than Maldives?

Bali will give you culture & some gorgeous places to sightsee whilst Maldives is good for snorkelling but you will be stuck on one small island for your holiday with little to do but relax- which is great if that’s what you want. I’ve been to both & would probably choose Bali over the Maldives for my honeymoon.

What parts of Thailand are dangerous?

The violence that flared in Thailand’s deep South in early 2004 took more than 6,800 lives. The southernmost provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, bordering with Malaysia, are the trouble hot spots.

Which part of Thailand has the best beaches?

The 13 Best Beaches in ThailandRailay Beach – Krabi. One of my absolute favorite places in Thailand. … Phra Nang Beach – Krabi. Phra Nang is a short walk from Railay – or rent a kayak and go by sea. … Karon Beach – Phuket. … Kata Beach – Phuket. … Khao Lak. … Kantiang Beach – Koh Lanta. … Phi Phi Don – Koh Phi Phi. … Chaweng – Koh Samui.More items…•

What Thailand is famous for?

Thailand is world famous for its spa massages, beaches, Buddhist temples, nightlife, and, of course, shopping.

What is the best area to stay in Thailand?

#2: Phuket: A tropical Thai treasure. … #4: Chiang Mai: Beautiful temples and stunning scenery. … #6: Koh Chang: A lush tropical island without the crowds. … #8: Khao Yai National Park: Camping, hiking, and wildlife. … #10: Phi Phi Islands: Thailand’s most popular island getaway. … #12: Krabi: A destination of beauty and adventure.

Where is the safest place to stay in Thailand?

Traveler Alert: 8 Safe Places To Visit In And Around ThailandCHIANG MAI. Though a large and bustling city, Chiang Mai is a safe destination. … HUA HIN. Located southwest of Bangkok, Hua Hin has almost magically escaped the pressing crowds of tourists. … KRABI. Krabi’s landscape is beautiful and daunting. … KOH SAMUI. … CHIANG RAI. … KANCHANABURI. … PHANG NGA. … KUALA LUMPUR.

What should I avoid in Thailand?

8 Things to Avoid in Thailand (and What to Do Instead)Places for backpackers to stay. Avoid: Khao San Road. … Taking taxis. Avoid: Bargaining a flat rate with a taxi driver. … Thai entertainment. Avoid: Ping Pong Shows. … What to do in Pattaya. Avoid: Seedy areas of Pattaya. … Shopping the markets. … What to do in Phuket. … Elephant tourist attractions. … Tours and sightseeing.

What is considered rude in Thailand?

Don’t point your feet: Pointing your feet at someone, raising your feet higher than someone’s head, or simply putting your feet on a desk or chair are considered extremely rude in Thailand. … Don’t point: Pointing at someone is considered rude in many cultures but particularly so in Thailand.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Thailand?

MarchTop tips for finding cheap flights to Thailand. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Thailand is March.

Where is the best place to go in Thailand for couples?

The 10 Most Romantic Places in ThailandKoh Samui. Koh Samui is often said to be one of the most romantic destinations in all of Thailand. … Phuket. … Similan Islands. … Koh Kut. … Bangkok. … Ayutthaya. … Nakhon Ratchasima. … Udon Thani.More items…•

What is the most beautiful part of Thailand?

20 of the Most Beautiful Places in ThailandMae Hong Son. Gorgeous views on the drive. … White Temple Chiang Rai. The famed White Temple. … Pai Canyon. Such a cool-looking canyon! … Silver Temple Chiang Mai. bemytravelmuse. … Doi inthanon. The King and Queen Pagoda at the top. … Doi Chiang Dao. The top – wow! … Wat Chaloem. Wow! … Emerald Lake. So blue!More items…•

Is Thailand or Bali better?

The winner: Thailand works out to be cheaper overall, has a wider range of cuisines and activities for families and has cleaner beaches. If nightlife is where you’re at though, Bali is the winner. Scroll here for our quick side-by-side comparison of each destination.