Quick Answer: How Can I Open A Cluster Mailbox Without A Key?

Is it illegal to break into your own mailbox?

No, you are free to screw with your own property.

Your mailbox is not your own property.

It is owned by the United States Postal Service and tampering with it is a federal offense..

What do you need to get your mailbox key?

To receive the key, you will have to bring your government-issued ID with your name and address on it which is also written on the notice card to the post office that owns the community mailboxes. Compartment number and location of the community mailbox can be confirmed with the notice card.

How do I get a mailbox key for my new house?

If you’ve just moved to a new residence where you’ll receive mail at a community mailbox, complete the online form to request new keys. You’ll receive a notice card when your keys are ready. Bring it along with government-issued photo identification to the post office indicated on your notice card.

How do cluster mailboxes work?

In general, all cluster mailboxes work the same way. The carrier has a master key that opens the back of the unit or all the compartments at once. After placing the mail in the proper compartment, the carrier locks the CBU up and individual box users access their particular box with a key.

Can Mailman open mailbox for me?

It is the only key a Letter Carrier needs to carry. It does not open the door you get your mail out of, but opens a bank of mailboxes so they can be filled. … If you put a letter in your mailbox, stamped and addressed to your own address, what will the postman do?

How do I get a key to my cluster mailbox?

Postal owned Cluster Box: keys and locks (including parcel boxes), contact the Local Post Office. If Privately owned or maintained by a landlord, apartment complex, condo association or other housing group, then that management is responsible for maintaining the box including keys.

What do you do if you lose your mailbox key?

After losing both of the initial keys, you can request a replacement by submitting an United States Postal Service form 1094 and by paying the refundable key deposit as well as a key fee. If you still have your keys, but they’re worn or damaged, you can bring them to the post office and have them replaced for free.

Who is responsible for repairing cluster mailboxes?

The Postal Service will likely not provide assistance in repairing a cluster mailbox; in fact, their official rule book states that the “purchase, installation, and maintenance of mail receptacles are the responsibility of the customer.” So, while residents or an HOA board can appeal to their local office to fix the …

Why did my package go to a parcel locker?

The parcel locker is used for items that are too large to fit in an individual box (compartment) within the Cluster Box. A key will be left in the mailbox to be used as a parcel locker key.

Does Home Depot copy mailbox keys?

The simple answer is yes, it’s quite possible to get a key copy made at Home Depot Key Copy section of the store. However, there’s a limit to the type of keys the good people at Home Depot can copy.

Can you make a copy of a post office box key?

Assuming you are in the United States, the short answer is, No, you cannot duplicate a mail box (Post Office box) key. The keys are the property of USPS the blanks are not commercially available.