Quick Answer: How Do You Hide On Ps4?

How do I hide my profile on ps4?

PS4 privacy settingsGo to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Privacy Settings] and enter your password.Select the feature you would like to change privacy settings for.Choose who you want to allow from the drop-down menu: Friends, Friends of Friends or No One and select [Confirm]..

Who can see my real name ps4?

Only close friends of your close friends–that is, friends who’ve accepted a friend quest and been given permission to see your real name–will be able to see your real name and profile picture. No one can find you by searching for your real name.

What can followers see on ps4?

PlayStation®4 system software 5.00 lets you to Follow other PlayStation™Network users and Verified accounts on the PlayStation™Network. When you Follow an account, the content they share – such as trophies, screenshots and videos – will appear in your What’s New feed.

How do I hide games on ps4 home screen?

If you want to hide some games, so other users don’t see your activity, you can use this method:Go to your Profile menu.Choose Games.Pick any game on the list.Press the Options key on your controller.Pick Hidden Games Settings. … Select Hidden Games for PS4.More items…•