Quick Answer: What Are Examples Of Trivia?

What are some fun facts about me?

Random facts about me:I would rather shop for kitchen gadgets than clothes or shoes.I am an Auburn fan.

I am a textbook INFJ personality type, the rarest type.

I am a cancer survivor.

I earn a full-time income from my blog.

I like to cook and eat.People randomly spill their guts to me a lot in real life.

I love to sing and play piano.More items….

What’s a technicality?

noun plural -ties a petty formal point arising from a strict interpretation of rules, etcthe case was dismissed on a technicality. the state or quality of being technical. technical methods and vocabulary. WORD OF THE DAY.

What is the most interesting fact in the world?

50 Most Interesting Facts About the WorldNorth Korea and Cuba are the only places you can’t buy Coca-Cola. … The entire world’s population could fit inside Los Angeles. … There are more twins now than ever before. … The hottest chili pepper in the world is so hot it could kill you. … More people visit France than any other country.More items…•

What is another word for trivia?

Trivia Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for trivia?detailsminutiaetriflestrivialitiesnicetiespetty detailstechnicalitiesfrothirrelevanciesmemorabilia24 more rows

What does the word trivia literally mean?

The trivia (singular trivium) are three lower Artes Liberales: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. … Triviae was formed from tri (three) and viae (roads) – literally meaning “three roads”, and in transferred use “a public place” and hence the meaning “commonplace.”

What is the opposite of trivia?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of insignificant trifles of little importance, especially items of unimportant information. essentials. nitty-gritty.

What does minutiae mean in English?

plural noun, singular mi·nu·ti·a [mi-noo-shuh, -shee-uh, -nyoo-]. precise details; small or trifling matters: the minutiae of his craft.

How do you use trivia in a sentence?

Trivia sentence examplesHe can even spout some sports trivia and Christmas carols and stuff like that. … Trivia question: How old was Colonel William Travis when he died leading the Texans at the Alamo? … Otto goes to every bar around that has trivia night and drinks for free. … Trivia) accompanied by the dogs of the Styx and crowds of the dead.More items…

What does Triva mean?

1. Insignificant or inessential matters; trifles. 2. Miscellaneous facts, especially when the subject of questions in games and quizzes.