Quick Answer: What Are Mitigation Measures?

What is the meaning of mitigation measures?

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Mitigation is the reduction of something harmful or the reduction of its harmful effects.

It may refer to measures taken to reduce the harmful effects of hazards that remain in potentia, or to manage harmful incidents that have already occurred..

What are examples of mitigation?

Examples of mitigation actions are planning and zoning, floodplain protection, property acquisition and relocation, or public outreach projects. Examples of preparedness actions are installing disaster warning systems, purchasing radio communications equipment, or conducting emergency response training.

How do you use mitigation?

Mitigate sentence examplesGood information on a product can mitigate this problem. … Morphine may be given hypodermically to mitigate the pain. … They protect the valleys from destructive avalanches, and, retaining the superficial soil by their roots, they mitigate the destructive effects of heavy rains.More items…

What is mean by mitigate?

to make less severeverb (used with object), mit·i·gat·ed, mit·i·gat·ing. to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain; moderate. to make less severe: to mitigate a punishment. to make (a person, one’s state of mind, disposition, etc.) milder or more gentle; mollify; appease.

What is earthquake disaster mitigation?

Although it is impossible to prevent earthquake from occurring, it is possible to mitigate the effects and to reduce loss of life, injuries and damage. … Beside tsunami, earthquakes can create many more disasters such as liquefaction, landslides, earth ruptures and most prominently ground vibration.

What is a mitigation area?

Environmental mitigation, compensatory mitigation, or mitigation banking, are terms used primarily by the United States government and the related environmental industry to describe projects or programs intended to offset known impacts to an existing historic or natural resource such as a stream, wetland, endangered …

What are the mitigation measures for earthquake?

Common survival measures include storing food and water for an emergency, and educating individuals what to do during an earthquake. Mitigating measures can include firmly securing large items of furniture (such as bookcases and large cabinets), TV and computer screens that may otherwise fall over in an earthquake.

What is the purpose of mitigation?

The purpose of mitigation is to identify measures that safeguard the environment and the community affected by the proposal. Mitigation is both a creative and practical phase of the EIA process. It seeks to find the best ways and means of avoiding, minimising and remedying impacts.

How is mitigation cost calculated?

Using the same example, the “average mitigation cost” was determined by dividing the total cost by 30 miles, resulting in an average mitigation cost of approximately $500–$833 per mile. For a project with an average right-of-way width of 150 feet, this would be expressed as $28–$46 per acre.

Can you mitigate against something?

Phrasal Verbs: mitigate against Usage Problem To take measures to moderate or alleviate (something). To be a strong factor against (someone or something); hinder or prevent.

What is mitigation and prevention?

Mitigation means to reduce the severity of the human and material damage caused by the disaster. Prevention is to ensure that human action or natural phenomena do not result in disaster or emergency. … The objective of prevention is to reduce the risk of being affected by a disaster.

How do you mitigate a typhoon?

During a Hurricane or TyphoonListen to the radio or TV for information and keep your weather radio handy.Secure your home, close storm shutters and secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors.Turn off utilities if instructed to do so. … Turn off propane tanks.Avoid using the phone, except for serious emergencies.More items…