Quick Answer: What Are Some Bold Words?

What are bold words used for?

Bold is used to highlight the text and capture the readers’ attention.

The bold tag is used for strong emphasis.

When you feel like emphasizing something, you need to first consider using the italics, only use bold text if you are not satisfied by the emphasis the italics did to your text..

Is bolded a real word?

Bold is available as a verb and bolded would be its past tense, but it’s more usual to use embolden. There is no entry in a dictionary for the verb “bold”. … It would be natural to assume that the word bold can belong to this category of new uses of a word (since it has other meanings as an adjective).

How can I be bold at work?

Here are four ways to increasing your boldness successfully:Drive for results. Bold leaders are willing to take on difficult and challenging goals. … Focus on the outside world. Bold leaders collect and share information. … Innovate. … Communicate.

What part of speech are the words in bold?

As detailed above, ‘bold’ can be an adjective or a verb.

Who is a bold person?

Boldness is the opposite of fearfulness. To be bold implies a willingness to get things done despite risks. … For example, in the context of sociability, a bold person may be willing to risk shame or rejection in social situations, or to bend rules of etiquette or politeness.

What is a sentence for bold?

He punished the bold child for talking back. I’d like to offer a few criticisms, if I may be so bold. She wore a dress with bold stripes. The painting is done in bold colors.

Which word in bold is a noun?

boldness. The state of being bold; courage. presumptuousness.

What is the antonym for bold?

vague, timid, retiring, rational, gentle, afraid, understated, concerned, uncertain, easy, sensible, light, apathetic, ashamed, refined, tasteful, plane, apprehensive, shamefaced, meek, feeble, unnerved, unemphatic, bland, unremarkable, wimpy, level, overcareful, urbane, panic-stricken, agitated, panicked, anxious, …

What is a bold word?

Bold, bold face, or bold font is any text that is darkened to help emphasize a remark or comment. … If your browser supports bold text, the previous words “bold text” are in bold lettering.

How do you make words bold?

Make the text boldMove your pointer to the Mini toolbar above your selection and click Bold .Click Bold in the Font group on the Home tab.Type the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+B.

Is shy opposite of bold?

“They were now bold warriors, far from the shy plebeians they once were.”…What is the opposite of shy?confidentboldincautiousrashrecklessresoluteself-assertivespunkyunafraidunfearful59 more rows

What is the difference between bold and bald?

Bald is an adjective used to describe someone (usually a man) with no hair on their head. … Bold is an adjective used to describe a someone who is fearless and courageous.

How do I change text from bold to normal in Word?

If you prefer to use the Replace dialog:Press Ctrl+H to open the Replace dialog.Click More >> to display the extra options.Click in the Find what box, but leave it blank.Click Format > Font…Select Bold in the Font Style list.Click OK.More items…•

Is it good to be bold?

Being bold builds your confidence. When you set a goal, and say it out loud it becomes real. The more you talk about your goals even the ones that may seem far-fetched, the more confident you will become that you can achieve them. You will begin to believe in yourself more than you ever have before.

What mean nouns?

English Language Learners Definition of noun : a word that is the name of something (such as a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea, or action) and is typically used in a sentence as subject or object of a verb or as object of a preposition.

What does bolo mean?

Noun. BOLO (plural BOLOs) (US law enforcement, acronym) A broadcast issued from a law enforcement agency to others, typically containing information about a wanted suspect, a person of interest, or a related vehicle.