Quick Answer: What Are The Steps In The Records Lifecycle?

What are the five phases of the record life cycle?


The records management phase of the records life-cycle consists of creation, classification, maintenance and disposition.

Creation occurs during the receipt of information in the form of records.

Records or their information is classified in some logical system..

Which of the following are the stages of the records lifecycle select all that apply?

There are three stages to the records life cycle:Creation: This is when records are initially created.Maintenance: This stage of the records life cycle consists of updating, modifying, and if necessary, moving records.Final disposition: The final stage is where records are destroyed, preferably shredded.

What activities are typically performed in Phase 2 of the records and information life cycle?

Maintenance and use. Maintenance and use is the second stage in the life cycle of a record. Maintenance and use refers to any action involving the storage, retrieval and handling of records. Disposition.

How does a records schedule identify records?

To keep it simple, we call them “records schedules” or “schedules.” Schedules identify which records are temporary (eligible for destruction after a specific time period) and which records are permanent (transferred to NARA after a specific time period).

What is document life cycle?

The document life cycle is the process through which a document goes from its inception to its deactivation. The process ranges from document authoring creation internal and external collaboration, approval, digital signature, execution, amendment processing, to document deactivation.

What means life cycle?

A life cycle is a course of events that brings a new product into existence and follows its growth into a mature product and eventual critical mass and decline. The most common steps in the life cycle of a product include product development, market introduction, growth, maturity, and decline/stability.