Quick Answer: What Does Pwetty Mean?

What does the name Het mean?

Het is a Gujarati name for boys meaning Love..

What does Mark mean in slang?

an object or end desired or striven for; goal. Slang. an object of derision, scorn, manipulation, or the like: He was an easy mark for criticism. the intended victim of a swindler, hustler, or the like: The cardsharps picked their marks from among the tourists on the cruise ship.

What is a Marge in slang?

Retrieved from https://www.yourdictionary.com/Marge. (plural marges) Border; margin; edge; verge.

What does YDK mean in texting?

You Don’t KnowYDK means “You Don’t Know”.

What does a Het mean?

heterosexualnoun. The definition of a het is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, or a shortened term for heterosexual, which is defined as someone who is attracted to members of the opposite sex. An example of a het is a man who is attracted to women.

What does Marj mean in slang?

Marj: As made famous by Ovie, the basketball player first used the term in episode 38, during a chat with his good pal Michael. … Ovie stressed that Michael would have never spoken to his Marj like that, meaning the firefighter’s mother – and Michael certainly didn’t disagree.

What does double Het mean?

A double Het is a normal looking animal carrying the gene for 2 different recessive mutation for example Double Het Albino Pied (Normal Looking animal carrying the gene for Albino and Pied) Pinstripe is not recessive, so you either have a Pinstripe Het Albino (Pinstripe carrying the gene for albino) or you don’t.

What is no t no shade?

no tea, no shade (not comparable) (LGBT slang, idiomatic) Indicating that no offence is meant, that the speaker is merely making an observation. No tea no shade, I do not like your hair today.

What does pwease mean?

Simpering form of pleasePWEASE means “Simpering form of please”.

What does Het mean in texting?

HeterosexualThe Meaning of HET HET means “Heterosexual” So now you know – HET means “Heterosexual” – don’t thank us. YW! What does HET mean? HET is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the HET definition is given.