Quick Answer: What Does Undercurrent Mean?

What means suggestion?

suggestion noun (IDEA MENTIONED) an idea, possible plan, or action that is mentioned for other people to consider: …

[ U ] We’re open to suggestion (= willing to listen to other people’s ideas)..

How does a riptide kill you?

Rip currents are dangerous when swimmers are pulled offshore and are unable to keep themselves floating to swim back to the beach. Typically, it’s due to combination of panic, fear, exhaustion or lack of swimming skills.

What is deallocation?

deallocation (countable and uncountable, plural deallocations) The act of deallocating. (computing) The release of a portion of storage that had previously been allocated to a specific task.

What is another name for undercurrent?

What is another word for undercurrent?undertonehintinclinationindicationinsinuationpropensitypullriptidestreamtide179 more rows

What are the 3 types of currents?

The main causes of ocean currents are wind, the Earth’s rotation and differences in water density within oceans. Different types include surface currents, deep ocean currents and tidal currents. The majority of the world’s oceans’ surface currents are caused by the wind.

What is the most dangerous Great Lake?

Lake MichiganSwimming can be a dangerous activity if proper precautions are not taken. That is especially true for the Great Lakes with Lake Michigan being the most dangerous. That’s because Lake Michigan is oriented in a way (north to south) that allows for the weather and waves to create currents quite often.

Is Nuance a good thing?

Nuance is pretty much always seen as a good thing, since it acknowledges the variation and complexity of the world.

What is nuanced thinking?

And thinking is the real deal. If you can think in a nuanced way that appreciates the gray, you get your mind back. You even might be able to help someone else get his mind back. … You see, nuanced thinking is like WD-40 for the mind. It loosens up what was stuck and gets things working again.

What does intimation mean?

noun. the act of intimating, or making known indirectly. a hint; suggestion: The death of his father was his first intimation of mortality.

What does allocation mean?

The definition of allocation is a process in business and accounting. An example of allocation is when a company portions out their expenses and attributes a certain amount to each division. … Allocation is defined as the act of being portioned out for a certain reason.

Why are currents dangerous?

Dangerous currents are dangerous because they can pull swimmers away from shore. Each year there are many current-related deaths and rescues.

What is a nuanced person?

Nuanced definitions The definition of nuanced is done with extreme care to appreciate fine-point distinctions that you have to be very detail-oriented to notice. An example of nuanced is a nuanced glance, when a person looks at a painting and understands the fine-point details about what makes it great.

What causes Longshores?

Longshore currents are generated when a “train” of waves reach the coastline and release bursts of energy. The speed at which waves approach the shore depends on sea floor and shoreline features and the depth of the water.

What’s allocation method mean?

In this system, employees contribute a portion of their salaries to the fund while the company makes a single annual payment. That payment may be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of salary. Both the employee’s contribution and the company’s matching payment go into a fund that is invested in long-term assets.

What is an undercurrent in water?

An undercurrent is a type of current which runs below the surface of air or water. The direction of an undercurrent is typically opposite to that of surface currents, and the strength of the undercurrent varies, depending on the situation and the circumstances.

What does nuance mean?

subtle differencea subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc. a very slight difference or variation in color or tone.

Why is a riptide dangerous?

Rip currents are particularly dangerous because they are difficult to identify, and the worst events can occur during otherwise good weather when your guard might be let down. They also tend to be strongest during low tide. Significant rip currents are more likely to occur with a strong onshore wind.

What does allocate payment mean?

Payment allocation is the term used to describe how your credit card company uses your payments to pay down your debt. The Credit CARD Act, effective February 2010, has changed a lot of the rules regarding how your credit card company can distribute your payments across different APR balances.

What is the meaning of under current?

1 : a current below the upper currents or surface. 2 : a hidden opinion, feeling, or tendency often contrary to the one publicly shown.

What is the safest action to take if you get caught in a rip current?

If you do get caught in a rip current, the best thing you can do is stay calm. It’s not going to pull you underwater, it’s just going to pull you away from shore. Call and wave for help. You want to float, and you don’t want to swim back to shore against the rip current because it will just tire you out.