Quick Answer: What Is The Phrasal Verb Of Quarrel?

What is the phrasal verb of resembles?

(transitive – inseparable) This phrasal verb is used when you want to say that someone looks like (or resembles) an older member of the family, usually their mother or father..

What is the phrasal verb of compensate?

compensate > synonyms47»make up v. & exp.comp, outrival, redress4»compensate for v. & exp.save, restore, offset4»even off v. & exp.correction, balance, adjust for3»take care of v. & exp. & idi.return, fix, balance3»bring back v.action, restitution, recompensate16 more rows

What is the verb of quarrel?

To quarrel is to fight — but usually not physically. Quarreling is a fact of life, occurring between the best of friends, in the happiest of marriages, and between parents and their children. You’re probably familiar with the verb, quarrel, meaning having a disagreement.

What type of word is quarrel?

noun. an angry dispute or altercation; a disagreement marked by a temporary or permanent break in friendly relations. a cause of dispute, complaint, or hostile feeling: She has no quarrel with her present salary.

What is the adjective of quarrel?

inclined to quarrel; argumentative; contentious.

What is the phrasal verb of chased?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchase somebody/something ↔ up phrasal verb British English1 REMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBERto remind someone to do something they promised to do for you David hasn’t paid yet – you’d better chase him up….Explore topics.Simple FormPresenthe, she, itchases> View MorePast12 more rows

What is the phrasal verb of read?

Read off, read into, read over/through, read for, read up, read back. Follow the list for expressions and examples; Read sth.

What is the phrasal verb of withdrawn?

Answer: withdraw someone/something from something: The party withdrew their candidate from the election. To decide not to do or have something:call off, back out, pull back…

How do you describe a quarrel?

Here are some adjectives for quarrel: pestilent factional, merely sectional and partisan, private and profane, unfortunate drunken, stand-up wordy, unwarranted iranian, violent but short-lived, foolish and vexatious, important but mysterious, loud, unequal, slight drunken, merely sectional, angry and personal, long- …

What is the phrasal verb of hate?

Phrasal verb an extremely strong dislike: She gave him a look of pure hate. The feelings of hate grew stronger every day. UK One of my pet hates (= one of the main things I dislike) is people who use your name all the while when they’re speaking to you.

What is the difference between quarrel and fight?

As nouns the difference between fight and quarrel is that fight is an occasion of fighting while quarrel is a verbal dispute or heated argument or quarrel can be a diamond-shaped piece of coloured glass forming part of a stained glass window.

What is the phrasal verb of require?

require > synonyms83»call for v. & exp.demand, need, order9»ask for exp. & v.assert, dispute, demand9»insist on v. & exp.administer, sanction, order6»call on v. & exp.tell, authorize, demand6»have occasion for exp. & idi. & v.demand, lack, exact16 more rows

Is a nicer word for quarrel which is a nicer word for fight?

AltercationAltercation is a nicer word for “quarrel,” which is a nicer word for “fight.”

What is the phrasal verb of understand?

Answer. A combination of a verb and an adverb or a verb and a preposition, or both, in which the combination has a meaning different from the meaning of the words considered separately : “Catch on ” is a phrasal verb meaning of understand.

Are set in meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishset in phrasal verbSTART TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETCif something sets in, especially something unpleasant, it begins and seems likely to continue for a long time Winter seems to be setting in early this year.

What is the phrasal verb of tolerate?

Unfortunately, verbs like tolerate are not always so formal that they have a formal label in a dictionary, so here are a few useful ones where it sounds more natural to use the phrasal verb in everything except formal writing: accelerate/speed up: I wish we could speed up the process.

What is the phrasal verb of begin?

A frequent ‘start’ phrasal verb in American English is start over. To start over is to begin to do something again, sometimes in a different way.

What is another word for quarrel?

Some common synonyms of quarrel are altercation, squabble, and wrangle.