What Does MFL Closed Mean?

What is the purpose of forest management?

Forest management is the process of planning and implementing practices for the stewardship and use of forests to meet specific environmental, economic, social and cultural objectives.

It deals with the administrative, economic, legal, social, technical and scientific aspects of managing natural and planted forests..

What does MFL open mean?

Managed Forest LawThe Managed Forest Law (MFL) program is a landowner incentive program that encourages sustainable forestry on private woodland. In exchange for following sound forest management, the landowner pays reduced property taxes. … MFL is the only forest tax law that is open to enrollment.

What does MFL mean?

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What is managed forest?

BC Assessment’s Managed Forest Land Class refers to privately-owned forest land property for which an acceptable forest management commitment has been made that is approved and complies with the Private Managed Forest Land Act and the regulations under that Act; or the Forest and Range Practices Act, and which …

Why do we need forest management?

Forests cover roughly one third of the world’s land area and provide vital environmental services such as climate regulation, soil protection and water management. … They also produce food and raw materials, which sustain hundreds of millions of people and support economies.

What are the principles of forest management?

The Principles of Forest Management stated that forests, with their complex ecology, are essential to sustainable development economy and the maintenance of all forms of life. Forests provide wood, food, and medicine and contain a biological diversity as yet not fully uncovered.

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What is managed forest land in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Managed Forest Law Program (“MFL”) is a little-known area of land ownership that allows an owner, through an application process, to enjoy the benefits of very low real estate taxation. Often enrollment will lower the real estate tax bill of a 40-acre parcel from thousands of dollars to less than $100.

What is forest crop land?

The Forest Crop Law (FCL) is a landowner incentive program that encourages long-term, sustainable management of private woodlands. In exchange for following an FCL management schedule outlining forest practices, the landowner pays reduced property taxes.