What Does Raj Mean In English?

Can Rajah be a girl name?

Based on popular usage, it is 3.349 times more common for Rajah to be a girl’s name..

Is Raj a common Indian name?

Raj. This has got to be the most common Indian name in general. On its own, it simply means “King”, but when combined with other syllables, it means “King of”. Examples include Nagaraj, Rajendra, and Rajesh.

What is the full form of Raj?

raj(noun) British dominion over India (1757-1947)

What do we say Raja in English?

noun. a king or prince in India. a minor chief or dignitary. an honorary title conferred on Hindus in India.

Is Raj a surname?

Indian (northern and southern states): Hindu name from Sanskrit raja ‘king’. In the northern states, it probably evolved into a family name from use as the final element of a compound personal name such as Prithviraj ‘king of the earth’ .

Is Xi a Scrabble word?

XI is a valid scrabble word.

Is Rajah a boy or girl name?

Rajah Origin and Meaning The name Rajah is a boy’s name of Hindi origin meaning “prince, chief”. Indian princely title, more exotic than Prince or Duke.

Who ruled India before British?

The Mughal Empire The Mughals ruled over a population in India that was two-thirds Hindu, and the earlier spiritual teachings of the Vedic tradition remained influential in Indian values and philosophy. The early Mughal empire was a tolerant place.

What does the name Raj mean?

1 : rule especially, often capitalized : the former British rule of the Indian subcontinent. 2 : the period of British rule in India.

What does Rajah mean?

Sanskrit Baby Names Meaning: In Sanskrit Baby Names the meaning of the name Rajah is: King. Raja is an Indian or Malay princely title; Raj means ‘rule.

What does Sepoy mean?

noun. (formerly, in India) a native soldier, usually an infantryman, in the service of Europeans, especially of the British.

Does Raja mean king?

A raja is the name for a monarch — a king or a princely ruler — in historic India. While there are still rajas today, they no longer hold any real power. Raja comes from Hindi, with Sanskrit roots: rajan, or “king,” and raj, “kingdom.” …

Is Raj in the English dictionary?

raj in British English (rɑːdʒ ) (in India) government; rule. Collins English Dictionary.

What does Raj mean in Indian?

Raj (Hindi: राज, Urdu: راج‎, Bengali: রাজ) in different contexts means “rule”, “king”, “ruler”, “emperor” or “royalty” and “power” in the Sanskrit language families of the Indian sub-continent, including Romanes, its closest Indo-European relative.

Is Raj a word?

RAJ is a valid scrabble word.